Message From Our Founding Member

Reaching the milestone of 25 years since I took over the company has led me to reflect on those early days and what we have achieved a quarter of a century later.

A quick and good comparison are hours worked. The increase in man hours worked is evidence of two main factors; that people want to come and work for us, feeling safe and secure with the trust they have in the company, and secondly the calibre of people we supply more than live up to our clients' expectations proven by the longevity of our relationships with them, their trust in us and our performance in being a responsible employer – BAPCO and KNPC the longest from the very start.

You won't go wrong in using our services.
You won't go wrong in coming to work for us.
Ask anyone who already does.
25 years! Who would have thought it?

Tim Holdway
Founding Member and Non-Executive Director

Man Hours worked for May 2016: 251,932