CV Guide

Step By Step Exec. Brief Technical CV

Step By Step Guide to Writing a CV


  • Print Your Name.

  • Print the Position you are applying for.

  • Print Your Nationality.

  • Print Your Date Of Birth.

  • Print Your Most Relevant Qualification.


  • Overview: Write a paragraph, as a synopsis of your Work Experience, Detailing the total number of years worked, the number of years relevant experience to the position you are applying for and a brief account of the achievements during your career. As an Example, your Overview may read similar to:

    “A Chartered Accountant with a blue chip background and training , with experience totaling 29 years. I built up and successfully ran my own business for almost ten years. For the past nine years I have principally been involved in the development and implementation of financial and business strategies and systems during periods of change. This has required working closely within the senior management team of the organization to develop and implement the operational plans.”  

  • Experience: Detail the exact period of your employment, followed by the Company Name and the position held. As an Example, you may write:

    “December 1995 To June 1998
    ABC Ltd., United Kingdom
    Planning Engineer.”  

  • Write a paragraph on the company’s activities, the projects they are involved in, in which countries they operate, the projects you have worked for them on and the cost of these projects. As an Example, you may write:

    “M/S. ABC Ltd. is a British Company with a international reputation in the construction of refineries world wide. The current project is a ‘Lube Oil Refineries’ Project called Luberef-11 where the refinery, being constructed in Yang, is primarily for Lube oil export under stringent surveillance of APOLCO and MERIT standards.
    I joined M/S ABC Ltd. in December 1995, who operate as the main contractor for APOLCO. In their capacity as main contractor, they sub-contract the services of M/S DEF & M/s. XYZ for specialist work within the project. My role is to coordinate between the company, it’s client and the sub-contractors on a daily basis.”  

  • Responsibilities: Write a detailed account of your responsibilities in the position, including your day to day activities, who you report to, who reports to you, administration required by you, how who communicate to your superiors (by reports, presentations or meetings), how you control your subordinates etc.

    “As the senior financial manager of the companies, I reported to the Managing Director/General Manager and was responsible for all areas of financial management and administration.
    Particular, responsibility for reviewing group profitability, establishing budgetary control system, monitoring and controlling long term engineering and construction contracts and reviewing staffing and general levels of cost to sharpen up Group following floatation. Group has achieved significant improvement in profits from tighter management controls over sales staff and refocusing iits activities on "Core Businesses" and reductions in both staff and general levels of cost.
    Group turnover is US$60M and 2,500 employees. It is involved in both contracting and trading within the Gulf area.
    My experience covers a wide range of industry sectors both in the United Kingdom and overseas including Shipping, Shipbuilding, and General Trading, Contracting and Construction and Health Care. Financial reporting experience has been gained under both the UK and USA accounting standards.”  

  • Specific Experience: Write a detailed account of any specific equipment, procedures, or duties that you performed in the position, which would be relevant to the position you are applying for, including your exposure to ISO compliance.

    “Structural equipment including pipe racks, structural bridges, walkways, equipment platforms and ladders, pipe stanchions, structures for warehouse & workshop buildings, cage structure of substations, access platforms etc.
    I was responsible for 1400 Personnel throughout the entire project. The Steel structure alone totalled 1078O MT., inclusive of prefabricated structures which were supplied by various vendors of the Kingdom. Procedure approval & ITP (Inspection and Test Plan). The Procedure and ITP are the primary documents by which the entire activities are controlled. Responsible for checking and formulating the ITP and the Procedure for each category after incorporating the correction if any, that are to be followed after approval from the client.
    Receipt and Acceptance of Steel Structural, Static and Rotating equipment, include Fabrication of Steel Structurals, Erection of Structures, Static Equipment and Rotating equipment, Alignment of structures & Equipment, Grouting of structures & Equipment and Erection of Boilers.
    Also responsible for monitoring all safety precautions, qualification and productivity of welders, evaluation of productivity and maintenance of it's records. Requalification and retraining of current welders according to WPS. Maintenance of Performance Qualification Record and monitoring of adherence to ASME, AWS and ISO standards.”  

  • Use the above format to detail all of your relevant experience, working back in chronological order.


  • Detail any Training courses that you have attended.

  • Detail your Computer Skills, including software.

  • Detail your Language Skills.

  • Detail any Membership you have to relevant organisations.

  • Detail any relevant information, such as a Driving License.