How Do I send my CV to Heston?

You can send your CV to Heston directly, by E-mail, fax or by Post. Alternatively you can use our Input Form to forward your details to us. We can then contact you when suitable positions are available.

Does it cost me anything to send my CV?

No, our service is absolutely FREE, and our relationship with many of the major Middle East companies will ensure that you have the opportunity to find some of the best jobs in the Middle East.

What happens to my CV when I have submitted it?

All CV’s that Heston receive are handled in the strictest confidence. Your CV will be entered on to our Internal Database, verified and checked by an expert in your specific field. All CV’s are held at our Middle East Headquarters and are forwarded to our Operational centres to be submitted to our clients.

Where will my CV be submitted?

CV’s are only submitted to companies which have a formal agreement with Heston. This ensures that all positions, are with a reputable company, who have an established working relationship with Heston.

By submitting my CV, Have I agreed to anything?

No, by submitting your CV you are in no way professionally obligated to Heston, you have simply given yourself the chance of finding some of the best job opportunities in the Middle East. If you do not wish to pursue a career in the Middle East after submitting your CV, all we ask is that you inform that you are no longer available.

Do I need to contact Heston, after I have submitted my CV?

No, When Heston receives your CV it will be verified and checked to make sure all necessary information is available. A company representative will contact you if Heston require further information, or if a suitable position is found. Please contact us if you are no longer available or your contact numbers, e-mail address or postal address have changed.

How can I find out if there are any positions available in my field?

Look in our Job Search Section to find the current positions available through Heston. The section is updated every time a new position is available, so that you can beat the competition in submitting your CV.

Can I find help in writing my CV?

Yes, In our CV Tips section you can find important tips to help you prepare a CV compatible with the Middle East market.  Also you can find a step by step guide to writing a CV along with some other useful tips after you have submitted your CV through our CV Submission Form.

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