Life Support

Renaissance Services SAOG

Through our strategic partnership with Renaissance Services SAOG, Heston are able to offer contract services including dining facilities, contract catering, cleaning, laundry, accommodation, operations and maintenance, leisure and recreation, property, estate services, facilities management and facilities establishment. These services can be provided within a manpower related project of any dimension, or designed to fit the client's specific configuration requirements. Turnkey solutions include the establishment of Dining Facilities (DFAC),Life Support Accommodation (LSA)and Permanent Accommodation for Contractors (PAC).

Our services where required include: 

The Contract Services Group (CSG) of Renaissance Services SAOG is the market leader in provision of contract services in the Sultanate of Oman.

CSG specializes in taking care of people and serves a wide-range of customers including military, university students, school children, hospital staff, visitors and patients, and large-scale workforces, often in remote and challenging locations. The company also provides a popular outside catering and function service.