Contract Services

Contract Personnel Services

Heston's experience and resources enable us to execute the most specific individual head hunting requirement or the provision of an entire project/contract workforce. We are able to offer solutions to the most technical of challenges, and to deliver those solutions in the most challenging of environments.

With a broad range of NOC, IOC and EPC Technical Service Agreements, much of our capability and success is a result of our extensive local networks in conjunction with our global database.  Our infrastructure allows us to offer the most cost effective, reliable and resourceful service without the need to use external recruiters.  

Responding to RFQ’s/RFP’s or constructing(implementing?) a bespoke structure to facilitate workforce solutions, many of our personnel have worked on several contracts/projects through various clients once they work for Heston. We also have long term relationships with many clients whereby Heston personnel have been absorbed into direct client employment in the long term. 

A comprehensive understanding of local legal and commercial requirements,allied to and in-depth knowledge of the Labour Laws in every operational location are a key component to any new relationship, and a vital aspect of every ongoing agreement. This is imperative to ensure a fully compliant workforce and best business practice.

Managed Client Services

To increase efficiency within existing agreements, clients often request us to conduct Regional Market Research (RMR) to develop new strategies regarding recruitment and retention of personnel, or to manage large scale project growth to facilitate mega project green field expansion.

These studies are an analytical overview of trends, market conditions and competition for the same talent sought. With a tailored program offering alternatives and new approaches, clients can decide on the most suitable option to build the teams of personnel required

Managed Retention & Investment Return Services

Our service can be further enhanced by offering Managed Retention & Returns Services by ongoing advice relating to trends and outside forces that may jeopardise the retention of personnel and loss of investment in that aspect of a client’s HR. Value added aspects and savings can be demonstrated and documented.    

Operational Continuity

When being awarded the contract of an incumbent contractor, Operational Continuity is crucial in maintaining operational integrity. This can be met with full understanding of local labour laws, commercial registrations, government compliance (work-permits/residency, security access, civil ID Cards, driving licenses etc.). This knowledge allows us to execute and deliver the proposed mobilisation/transition plan.  

Risk Mitigation (Compliance)

New geographical or industrial exposure always carry risk, with its subsequent cost. Heston will help you enter new markets seamlessly and compliantly whilst educating client management to the systems and processes in place.