Training Services

Risk Management program assists you in creating and maintaining a safe work environment. We provide experienced, trained Loss Control Specialists and claims managers who will evaluate any special risk management needs your business might have and carry out an action plan to minimize your risk, when needed.

For all staff in the oil & gas and petrochemicals industries requiring a basic awareness of safety Techniques and management including: Operations, Engineers, Supervisors, Project Managers, Safety Representatives and non-safety HSE Professionals. It is a core (101) course for any persons who can influence safety within the organisation and is also ideal for anyone new to the industry with no prior safety-knowledge.


Recognition of safety-related risks is fundamental to all management and professional roles in industry. This course equips participants with the basic principles of hazard recognition, and use of safety techniques and safety management. A key benefit is the ability to identify common hazards and how to control them.

• Safety techniques for hazard and effect management
• Process Safety and Hazards Control
• Safety Culture
• Chemical Agents
• Hazard Communication / Product Stewardship
• Biological Agents
• Work Environment
• Fire Safety
• Lockout/Tagout
• Tool Safety
• Machine Guarding
• Motor Vehicle
• Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment
• Electrical Safety
• Noise and Vibration
• Radiation and Radioactive Sources
• Construction and Demolition
• Scaffold Safety
• Excavation
• Logistics